Monday, January 7, 2013

How to use Passwords Pro

My Tutorial will show you the 3 easiest Functions to make use of Dictionary attack and Hybrid attack

Before we begin, You will need the following:

1. PasswordsPro
2. A wordlist (Multiple lists are suggested)
3. A Brain
4. Patience

To begin i will show you a Dictionary Attack

Note: The algorithm depends on your Hash.

1. Open PasswordsPro

2. Click Options
3. Click Hashing Modules, Right Click, Add
4. Browse to your PasswordsPro Folder

5. Open the Modules folder, Press CTRL+A, Deselect the 2 folders.

6. Press ok
7. Click Dictionaries, Right click, Add

8. Select your Dictionaries (Ensure you click All files) For this ill be using MoPList.dic, Click OK etc etc

9. Note: Time to Input your hashes, This can be done in multiple way, I will only be showing the MANUAL way.
Right click one of the cells, Click Add

10. Insert your hash, I will be using these hashes :


Note: Just to show you how i would Usually do it

11. Select your type of attack, Simple Dictionary

12. Press Start
13. The program will then work on cracking your hashes.
14. As you can see, The program has found one of my passwords.

15. Enjoy =)
Note: You have never 100% guaranteed to find a password

Hybrid Attack

Simply follow the steps above, But at Step 7 click press, Hybrid Dictionary Attack

And as you can see, I have found another password =)

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