Saturday, June 9, 2012

From Hacker to Information Security Professional

Its no secret that I have been unable to update this blog for several months now due to the fact that having two full time jobs as IT consultant and IT security specialist is no easy task when you have multiple bosses and wannabee bosses contantly demanding "output" from you (a.k.a. money) when the very nature of what you do is about working in the background side of operations.

Anyway, while most if not all of my previous posts in the past has been more on the hands-on aspects of IT security (Certified Ethical Hacker), we will also be including from now on more theoretical stuffs and InfoSec Management as well (CISSP). So stay tuned and learn from this blog  and I'm pretty sure you will soon reap the benefits of  being an information security professional. Well I did and you can too! Good luck!

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