Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lens version

Lens ASP.NET Penetration Testing Tool

Lens is an open-source ethical hacking tool specialized to penetration testing of ASP.NET web applications. Lens is written in WPF 4 and its internal modular architecture allows us to easily add new tests to the system.
Base features
Resize-friendly window structure
Window position is preserved across sessions
Built-in zoom
Detailed log window
Links to online information about the attacks and fixes

You can use our Lens tool to test your site against the following attacks
Session state
Session fixation (available in v.
Forms authentication
Eavesdropping (available in v.
Information disclosure (available in v.
Event handler bypass
Event handling
Postback to disabled controls
Postback to invisible controls
One-click attack

Download: http://ethicalhackingaspnet.codeplex.com

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