Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tricks Part 4 : How to disable deepfreeze in public computers

This works on ANY version of Deepfreeze so you can apply the steps stated in part 2 :

1. Boot from cdrom or usb drive using any bootable OS like Windows XPE or any linux distro.

2. Go to windows/system32/drivers folder and look for the frzstate2k.sys and null.sys.

3. Temporarily rename null.sys to frzstate2k.sys.

4. Rename frzstate2k.sys to null.sys.

5. Reboot normally and notice the deepfreeze logo shows that it is now in thawed mode.

6. Follow the steps stated in "Tricks Part 2" in order to deploy any keylogger.

7. Reboot again from cdrom or usb drive and restore frzstate2k.sys and null.sys to its original filenames.

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