Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tricks Part 1 : How to spy on your cheating husband/wife to find evidence

How to spy on your (cheating?) bf/gf 's email and yahoo messenger / IM password :

1. Enable autocomplete if you are using Internet Explorer (Tools>Internet Options>Content>Autocomplete Settings tab) and yahoo messenger's "Remember my ID & password" check box. That way, anybody that uses your computer (including yourself) will have a copy of their passwords saved (hidden behind asterisks) for ease of use the next time you login.

2. Let your target (i.e boyfriend,wife) use your computer and let them sign in to their favorite accounts (yahoo messenger, facebook, friendster,etc).

3. Then download and install Snadboy Revelation version 2 from (don't worry its completely free).

4. Run the program and look for the "Circled +' cursor on the Snadboy window.

5. Drag the said cursor into the password section where the asterisks appear.

6. Look again at the Snadboy "Text of Window Under "Circled +" Cursor" and the password will be displayed in plain text. Enjoy ;)

Countermeasures :  Never save passwords locally on your computer specially if it shared with other users. Doing so can lead to possible online identity theft as well.

Additional Notes :

* Tested 100% working on all versions of Internet Explorer and Yahoo Messenger logins.
** Some antivirus may falsely detect snadboy revelation as malware or virus. In this case simply turn it off OR run revelation in a virtual environment such as VMware workstation and such (for the more paranoid techie).
*** For better spying results in YM, it would be better to turn on its archive function (under preferences menu) upon first signon and don't forget to mark email messages as unread after reading them hehehe...  ;)

Tips :

You don't have to install the program everytime. Just copy/paste the RevelationHelper.dll
 and Revelation.exe to your favorite usb flash drive and run only when needed. Got it? :)


  1. Yes thank you...nice post really. But can you tell me how to do it on Mozilla Firefox. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Kitty,
    This particular trick only works for Internet Explorer as mentioned. For Mozilla Firefox, a different method is required altogether which I will disclose in a separate post in the near future.

    Hint : It involves a usb flash drive ;)


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